12/31/10 Card

Card: The Dash
Description: The instantaneous power of victory will be granted to you today.
The goal is just ahead. Spiritual strength is tried as a result of the internal fight with yourself.
Advice: You'll go back to the starting point if you give up now.
Keep running as fast as you can, even if it's a little painfull. Afterwards, happiness awaits.
Reaction: The advice part is a lot like what a really good friend told me recently. Now, I definitely won't give up.

<3 Zoe

im alive. OAO;;

wahhh. QAQ
its been so long since i've blogged. ||OTL
i finished the star project on November 18th or so. ;w;b
so i've decided to attempt to start something new. 8'D
so on facebook, theres this app of 'Sakura Cards' and it has to do with Card Captor Sakura (the anime) and the sakura cards that sakura uses. =u=;;
so i've been keeping a log since yesterday of what card i get for that day and my reaction to it.

Card: The Maze
Description: You're losing your confidence and feeling confused.
Advice: Draw a mental image of the achievement that you desire. It's also important to listen to other people's advice.
Reaction: That's actually really, really true. I am losing my confidence, and I'm feeling really confused about my feelings.


Card: The Dream
Description: It's the time to be more perceptive to things. It's a time to wake up. Important things are happening around you, it's not a good time for day-dreaming.
Advice: Be more real about your own desires as well. Not every wish can be fulfilled, some will just be called dreams.
Reaction: The thing is, I actually don't want to wake up. I enjoy being hopelessly lost in my day dreams.

yep. im pretty sure none of those make sense, but oh well. i just...well, i actually really believe in stuff like tarot cards and such, so these sort of things...i believe them, so i usually find how they relate to my life wither they do or not. orz
and most of the time, they usually do describe my life, so thats kinda what got me hooked on this stuff. =u=;;

okay. long post is long. orz
guess i'll end it now. -shot-

<3 Zoe


heh. here's a story i wrote for my summer homework. owo


“Hey, do you remember? On that warm and sunny summer day…when we put a small wooden box right here…and filled it with the summer’s memories? Huddled there every day…” I smiled as I remembered. “I’d smile up at you as we put our newest treasures into the box, and when you’d smile back, I’d be shocked, then my cheeks would turn the slightest shade of pink.”

“How fast time goes by…‘that day’ doesn’t seem so long ago. Everything that I’ve wanted to tell you remains unspoken…all these years...it feels as if I’ve been waiting forever, but I don’t mind. I’ll wait for you forever. Even as I watch the lights fade away, I’ll keep waiting at the place we always played at.”

“Running through the grass to reach the hill, holding onto my dream of meeting you again, I remembered everything about you. The color of your eyes, the color of your hair, what the shirt you wore looked like, your voice, your smile, everything. Lost in my thoughts, I tripped and fell onto the moist grass and whispered, ‘Please don’t leave me…’ By then, tears were rolling down my cheeks. ‘Please!’ I screamed into the night. ‘Please, don’t leave me.’ Faintly, in my head, I could hear your voice. ‘I want to see you at least one more time,’ I thought.”

“In the box of my memories, I found the ones with you and me and replayed them again and again wishing I could meet you once more. I still haven’t forgotten us holding hands as we lay in the grass on the hill we loved to play on. I still remember the promise that we made. The promise to be together forever. We smiled at each other as we made that promise…do you still remember it?”

“As we laid down in the grass on that day, I fell asleep, knowing you’d be right there when I woke up. ‘Goodbye,’ I thought I heard, but I continued napping, thinking I was imagining things. When the sun was slowly disappearing, I woke up, and when I didn’t see you there, the painful realization that you really had said goodbye caused unwanted tears to drip down my face. Without being able to say goodbye, I sat there, with tears dripping down onto my hands, knowing that this was the end of the happy memories we had together.”

“The dream we had when we were children is slowly slipping away, and even though I still go back to the place where we had made the promise, I knew you were never coming back. ‘I love you,’ were the words you left for me, and are safely kept along with the rest of my memories, and they still live in my heart. So I shall leave you with the words I’ve always wanted to say to you.”

“I love you.”


I folded the sheet of paper in half and left it under the tree at the place we used to play. As I ran down the hill for the last time, I looked back and let a few tears roll down my cheek.

“Goodbye,” I whispered. Then I turned around and walked away, never looking back again.

SO, whatcha think? x3
inspiration;; Music Box by Hatsune Miku


ohaidere. 8D
i've started a blog. YAY! cause, y'know, i TOTALLY needed another thing to add to my pile of stuff to do. >w< b
i'm Zoe!
you can call me Dumble or Zoe. x3

thats...kinda it for now. xD

that may be a blog for ranting, or whatever, so yeah. owob

<3 Zoe


I'm Zoe~!
Just a teenage girl who is bored quite often and posts her singing on youtube. x3

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